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Apache Camel, It has a decent sensation always. I recently had a chance to closely watch the growth of Camel. I should say that the simplicity, enthusiasm and constant activity in the community taking Camel to its philosophical growth.

I started using Camel with Service Mix two years back. Those days I used to see a big technical diversity in the Open Source middleware vendors. Mule, Fuse, JBoss, WSO2 & Talend are the popular vendors supporting them.

Technically four different technologies: Mule, JBoss, ServiceMix, Synapse.

What’s happening now? The acquisition of Fuse Source by RedHat is making the market with concrete ESB technologies.

Who are they? Camel, Mule & Synapse!

How? Let’s look into the picture below; you will get a clear idea.

Open Source Middleware Market

Open Source Middleware Market

 Figure 1: Evolving Open Source Middleware market

It clearly shows the natural growth of Camel. That’s why I call ‘The sprouting Camel’.  Apache Camel is going to hold a strong place in open source middleware market.

So what is going to happen? The weird confusion of choosing a right open source middleware is now clear due to the clever act of RedHat. Now customers and Enterprise Architects have three clear choices Camel, Mule or WSO2! :) . Each product has its own play based on the Enterprise needs.

What makes Camel deserve a dominating place in the market?

  1. Straight forward and simple technology to learn.
  2. Very active community. (I mostly learnt Camel by always bugging the community 😉 )
  3. The huge number of connectors, the so called ‘Camel Components’. I guess there should be more than 120 connectors as of now, supporting most of the protocols, platforms & applications.
  4. High scalability
  5. You have the basic idea of how post office work and you also have an idea of what are Enterprise Integration Patterns? Then you are all set to learn Camel in one hour!


Meanwhile we had announcement from Red hat about ‘SwitchYard’. I couldn’t guess what will be the roadmap of SwitchYard. Any way’s it has Apache Camel as its Integration framework. So here also Camel again! :)

Some good references on Apache Camel:


Happy Integration!



Gnanaguru Sattanathan

Gnanaguru Sattanathan

I am a Integration developer and a open source enthusiast. My areas of interest includes Enterprise messaging & SOA. Twitter: @tallguru

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