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XSLT transformations: also faster since Mule 3.6

This is a follow up post in which we discussed performance improvements on our XPath functionality obtained from the revamped XPath and XSLT support in Mule 3.6. This time, we’ll go through the same...

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XPath Performance boost using Mule 3.6

As you may remember, with the release of Mule 3.6.0 the XPath and XSLT was revamped. In this post, I’d like to not only continue elaborating on how great the improvement is, but also...

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Mule ESB revamps it’s XPath and XSLT support

In spite of JSON’s reign as the king of API data format, XML still remains the exchange data format of choice for a number of systems. Any service exposing functionality through SOAP, and many...