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It was a wonderful moment to see that Google Trends is now ready to be used for understanding the market. The search engine giant is now very confident that Google’s search pattern can help to predict the market trends.

I hit Google trends with my own keywords and I got amazing results. I got an curious idea to analyze the open source middleware market.

From the community products I tried with Apache Camel, Apache Synapse, Apache ServiceMix, Mule ESB and based on the vendors I tried with Fuse, JBoss, Talend, Mule & WSO2.

The following snapshots below are some of my choice based on the popular players in the market. ( As on 27/4/2013 11:52 PM IST )

These data may not be the exact reality, but am sure there are facts behind this snapshots .

1. Mule ESB, Apache ServiceMix, Apache Synapse:


2. Apache Camel, Mule ESB, Apache Synapse:


3. Apache Camel, Mule ESB, Apache Synapse, Apache ServiceMix:


4. JBoss ESB, Mule ESB, Fuse ESB, WSO2 ESB, Talend ESB:


5. JBoss ESB, Fuse ESB, WSO2 ESB, Talend ESB:


6. Fuse ESB & Talend ESB:


Honestly, I was able to see the real happenings in graphs. We wish all the open source middleware products and vendors a great show in the middleware space.

Happy Integration !

Gnanaguru Sattanathan

Gnanaguru Sattanathan

I am a Integration developer and a open source enthusiast. My areas of interest includes Enterprise messaging & SOA. Twitter: @tallguru

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