My talk @DevoxxMA: Real-time BigData Analytics by the example


This is my first participation in a Devoxx event, and i have chosen automatically Devoxx Morocco edition, because it is in my home country and I wanted to contribute to its success and share my knowledge with all moroccan, european and international attendees.

It was a very beautiful edition. and I want to take time to congratulate and thank particularly all the organization team (Badr, Faissal, Redouane, Mohammed, Ibrahim, hanane … and all the others).

I presented two different subjects, one related to Big Data and another about IoT, this post will be focused only on my first talk “Real-time Big Data Analytics by the example“.

In this talk, I showed how to use Big Data without necessarily changed at each time the existing system, but rather, how it can benefit and give him the added value through this new technology.

I made a demonstration which allows exploiting all the outputs of the existing system as the log, the information published in JMX, the events, and information published in the topics and to extract the important data, store and analyze them quickly to provide dashboards for any teams (Technical, Integration, and Business):

  • Technical Dashboard that allows providing real-time information on the JVM and OS
  • Technical_DashboardIntegration Dashboard, which provide information on the different layers of middleware (transport layer, mediation layer…etc):
  • Integration_DashboardBusiness Dashboard that allows observing in real time the curve of sales and revenues achieved, city by city, by category, by brand and therefore to react in time by correcting the strategy by activating the right levers (management, promotions, marketing, etc.):




Abdellatif Bouchama

Abdellatif's main area of expertise lies within the fields of SOA, ESB, BigData and IoT.

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