Deliver your Camel apps faster with Fuse Integration Service


The idea for this article came after exchanging with an integration developer, who has told me on her daily:

We develop our camel routes, we push the code, we set up the job on Jenkins, and we update the deployment job, verify and cleaning instances, monitor all the process…etc.” At this moment, I have understood the hard time spent on that task by this integration developer.

Thank goodness, Fuse Integration Service is here, that allow doing the same task easier & faster. On Fuse Integration Service, the developer has to be focused more on his work, the new formula it will be summarized only to {Code – PushRun}.

When the developer push his new code, the base of Fuse Integration Service has the ability to receive code pushing signal, and quickly build the application.

Let’s try together this example:

First of all, you should install the CDK (Container Development Kit), if it’s not the case, follow this guide [CDK].

After successful installation, you will need to clone this project, and to use the OpenShift (“oc“) command line tool in order to login to OpenShift and create a new project:

After, you should open the OpenShift Console, to create an application to this project  based on the template added “fis-creationorderservice“. For that you should click on Add to project:

Screenshot from 2016-03-21 21-27-17_1

Then, we will found the application template that we have created “fis-createorderservices”, you click on it and we will add the Github link of this Camel project, like following:


When it’s done, you will see immediately the build started:


It’ll take a few minutes until the build finished. When the build succeeded, you should be able to see the application up and running in the console:

Pods & App

If you click on “connect“, you will be redirected to the following page:


Now, if we update our Camel project, we have only to do the following commands:

Directly after, we will see a second build started, and after little time, the application will be updated automatically:


That’s all you have to do!



Abdellatif Bouchama

Abdellatif's main area of expertise lies within the fields of SOA, ESB, BigData and IoT.

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  1. Interesting Article Abdellatif, Camel routes becomes more or less like a configuration, further after the route is deployed, I will be able to edit the routes directly through HawtIO as well.. ! Its gonna be awesome.

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