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Camel is very popular because of its expression languages. Simple, XPath, OGNL are some of popular ones in the list. JSONPath is a new comer to Apache Camel. You don’t have to covert JSON payloads to XML for further processing, you can directly receive JSON messages and process them directly using JSONPath.

XPath is highly useful while dealing with XML messages, likewise JSONPath for JSON messages. Lets see some sample JSONPath usage for the message below.

JSON Message:

"customer": {
"id": "1234",
"name": "john",
"country": "australia",
"metadata": {
"dateOfBirth": "16111989",
"driversLicense": "987654321",
"passportNumber": "345678"

Example 1 – In camel choice 







Example 2 – In camel setHeader 



Some useful JSON online tools:

1. JSONPath expression checker:

2. XML to JSON converter:


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