Apache Camel – Developer onboarding


I am working with Apache Camel for a quite long time now, I have got a chance to document some of my thoughts in the following slides. If you are new camel, this will definitely help. Good luck !

Gnanaguru Sattanathan

Gnanaguru Sattanathan

I am a Integration developer and a open source enthusiast. My areas of interest includes Enterprise messaging & SOA. Twitter: @tallguru

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3 Responses

  1. Varadharajan B says:

    I am new to Apache Camel. Your blog has initiated me to Camel as a tool for Integration development without tears. I look forward to your further discussions on this topic.

  2. Chidambaram says:

    Hi Gnanaguru. I have just started with Camel and finding your blogs really useful. Thank you!! :)

    Would you be having an idea of Hawtio – How good is it as a monitoring tool for Camel. And is it being widely adopted in the market currently?

  3. Glad my articles are helping you. By the way, what kind of monitoring you are after ? Generally speaking, HawtIO is the available best open source tool out there if you want to monitor Camel / ActiveMQ. When I say monitor, monitor the internals, like how many message got processed in this route , that processor etc. Is that what you are looking for ?

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