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BusHorn was started with an idea of creating a knowledge sharing platform among Open Source Middleware users and developers. Open Source Middleware/SOA products has gained larger momentum over the past 4 years.

Open source middleware products, due to its openness provides greater flexibility and control in building a better enterprise IT architecture.

We welcome all kind of users and developers who are involved in Open Source SOA. Some of the key products or frameworks which we would like to mention here are Apache Camel, Mule ESB, Fuse ESB, WSO2, Apache ActiveMQ, HornetQ, RabbitMQ, Apache ServiceMix etc..

BusHorn is getting matured, we are connecting with Open Source SOA experts, architects, consultants, developers, thought leaders to contribute articles here.

Going forward this site will be governed by a set of Open Source experts across the globe. We are trying our best to build a community of contributors in BusHorn. BusHorn holds some very informative and popular articles on open source projects and solutions. Also some of the articles are already listed in official sites of various open source projects/frameworks.

Are you interested to contribute and like to be part of this growing community ? Just send out an email to driver@bushorn.com, we will take it from there. or Feel free to register yourself, start writing and be a part of BusHorn: Register Yourself !

And happy free reading !


Team BusHorn





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